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Introduction to Katia haircut

– Step-by-Step –

1. A profile parting taken from the top of the crown area to the top of the ears.

2. A rectangular panel section off on to the top of the head.

3. Slightly diagonal back section taken, elevation one finger depth cutting parallel to the section.

4. Same techniques used the opposite side.

5. Proceeding with a diagonal back section from behind the ear down to the nape, elevation 45° cutting parallel to the section.

6. Continuing the technique with a pivoting diagonal back section follow the previous section as guideline, elevation add graduation 45°.

7. Same technique repeated on the opposite side.

8. Top panel released and fringe cut created taking an horizontal section natural fall with one finger depth elevation.

9. Slicing cut technique used to remove weight and creating a soft versatile texture.


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