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Introduction to Nik haircut

– Step-by-Step –

1. A horseshoe section is taken above the crown recession area.

2. Begin the haircut taking a diagonal back section, fingers parallel to the section and  head shape, cut square.

3. Continue the technique until the occipital bone for both sides.

4. Proceeding scissors over the comb technique.

5. Barbering comb used for a clean hairline and graduated smoother finish.

6. Horizontal section is taken from the front forehead to the back of the crown, blunt cutting maintaining weight and length through the front and decreasing into the length going toward the back of the crown.

7. Same techniques used opposite side.

8. Horizontal section is taken from ear to ear elevation 90º and slightly over direct back, continuing with horizontally sections until the front hair hairline and always overdirect everything to the previous section to keep length and weight, point cutting techniques used.

9. Slicing cut technique used to remove weight also creating a texture.


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